domingo, 15 de marzo de 2015

Noticias Orden Teutónica

Announcement of International Membership and New Commandries of the Teutonic Order - Deutscher Orden - The Teutonic Order - Deutscher Orden are looking for new members to join the Order in the following Countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Croatia, Canada, USA, South Africa, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, to become part of new Commandries in the above listed Countries, to be headed by new Commanders / Komtur, which in time will develop into new Bailiwicks for the Order. If your Country is not listed above, you may still petition for membership.

The Order would be interested in the ideas and participation of individuals of good standing in the above new creations and enlargement of the Order Internationally, whereas if you live in a country not listed above, you may still petition for membership of the Order.

Please note, only petition if you have a serious interest in Membership of the Teutonic Order - Deutscher Order and or would like to participate in the creation of new Commandries for the Order, as there is a Passage fee required upon petitioning to join the Bruderorden. For membership please email the Order for details by using the email addresses below.

Membership of the Teutonic Order- Deutscher Orden:

Office of the Hochmeister - Amt des Hochmeisters:

General Enquiries - Allgemeine Anfragen zum Deutschen Orden:

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